Monday, 14 November 2011

Coming Soon - consultation on lots of small changes to road regs in Launceston

Cornwall Council will shortly be starting the consultation process for a whole heap of traffic and parking regulation changes in Launceston. As local councillors, Sasha, Adam and I have been waiting for a long time for some of these to happen.

In order to save money (the legal process costs £3600), it is right that these should be combined and that is why we have had to wait for so long for changes which should enjoy universal support.

In each case, residents in close proximity to the proposal and others who will be directly affected will get a letter asking for their views on the proposals. Anyone else will be invited to contribute thoughts via a notice in the local papers.

The schemes being proposed include:

- Residents Parking Scheme at Hillpark Cottages
- Residents Parking Scheme at Western Road
- Disabled Bay at Cross Lanes
- One Way System at Hurdon Way
- Moving the town centre motorcycle bay to Southgate Street
- Introducing limited waiting restriction in Moorland Road
- Introducing limited waiting restriction in Penworth Close
- Residents Parking Scheme in Race Hill
- Double yellow lines in St Cuthbert's Close
- Removing the parking area outside the old Newport Post Office
- Disabled parking bay in St Joseph's Road


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, just a note that Hurdon way changes are put as a one way system, but the Hurdon Way residents actually want a no entry sign.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry about the user name. I don't know what happened. Susan