Friday, 11 November 2011

Boundary Commission hearing

Yesterday I had the chance to make my case against the plans for a Devonwall constituency at the Boundary Commission's hearing in Truro.

I reiterated the reasons given by the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign and added the fact that I think a Devonwall constituency will turn off voters. In the old days the Boundary Commission was run by the Electoral Commission, one of whose major tasks is to encourage people to vote. I'm concerned that a cross-border seat, combined with constantly changing boundaries, is not only going to make it much tougher for MPs to represent people, but it is going to reduce turnout considerably. North Cornwall (or SE Cornwall, or Truro and Falmouth) means something to people here in a way that Upper Tamar (the awful alternative name proposed by the Conservatives) does not.

Also speaking at the event were a number of concerned individuals from across the political divide. I'd like to compliment Richard Williams, the Council's top law and elections officer, who spoke for the Council and also Adam Killeya, the former Mayor of Saltash and Convenor of the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign, who made an excellent speech setting out the reasons to oppose Devonwall.

Others, including North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson, are due to speak today and it should still be possible to turn up and speak without registering. The session at the Alverton Manor closes at 5pm.

The WMN coverage of the hearing is here.

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