Thursday, 13 October 2011

Incinerator blocked by High Court

The High Court has just issued its judgement on the legal challenge to the St Dennis incinerator. They have found for the objectors and against the Secretary of State's decision to allow the incinerator to be built.

This will come as a huge blow to Council Leader Alec Robertson who, controversially, wrote to the Secretary of State asking him to allow the incinerator to be built. This was despite the position of the former County Council being to refuse planning permission for that particular site.

The details of the judgement have yet to emerge, but the spin from County Hall has already started. The administration is currently comparing the costs of continuing with the current landfill system with a whole range of other council services, claiming that this will mean that vulnerable people won't be getting care and that potholes won't be filled.

Hmm. This is the administration that refused to give the £4 million to adult care last year that experts said was necessary and cut the supporting people budget by 40%. And this is the administration that is planning to divert money mean to repair roads to plug their gap in the parking budget. So they have little credibility with their latest claims.

I won't pretend to have been closely involved with the incinerator campaign. But objectors have said for some time that Cornwall Council should have had a plan B and now the failure to have one will become very apparent.

UPDATE - Surely, given the court's decision, it is right that Cornwall Council should stop all works on the incinerator until the matter is finally settled.

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David said...

Cornwall needs a better plan for recycling to reduce the waste that will need to go to incineration.
What may be clear is that for environmental reasons we will need to stop using landfill sooner rather than later.
Many of our continental neighbours are more experienced and efficient with recycling technology than ourselves but still nevertheless use waste incineration for that which is left.
I think Launceston with it's excellent road links either east or west to be a good place for a more modern plant. There's money in this and we need the jobs.