Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bude Tory candidate knows more than Council Leader

It appears that the Conservative candidate in the Bude and Stratton by-election knows more than Cornwall Council Leader Alec Robertson on the subject of the level of council tax next year.

The official papers passed by the Council's Conservative led cabinet are undecided on the subject. They point out the dilemma for the authority about whether to accept the money on offer from the Government. If Cornwall does take the £6 million then council tax levels would be frozen for another year. But it would also mean either a doubling of the rise the following year or another round of cuts.

There is no such doubt for Trevor Macey, who is flying the Tory flag in Bude and Stratton. His latest leaflet declares:

"No council tax rise again!"

So if the Conservatives have already decided that they will opt for a council tax freeze, why didn't they say so at the Cabinet meeting? And will they explain how they will cope with the consequent drop in revenue the following year?

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