Saturday, 17 September 2011

This year's Total Politics blog awards - a bit of a mess?

I don't want to seem ungrateful to those who voted (especially those who voted for me) or for Total Politics for organising this year's blog awards. But they're a bit of a mess, aren't they?

The aim was admirable - to recognise that some people now blog in many different places and that some blogs are written by a wide range of people. Iain Dale's own new group blog, for example, could hardly be said to be a one man effort, and so the awards are trying to treat it differently from this, which is very much a solo enterprise.

But this has resulted in almost twice as many 'winners' with up to four lists being released each day. There have also been people who have won twice. In the case of Richard Flowers, it might be that there are people who don't know his alter ego as a fluffy elephant, but he makes it in at both 44 and 59 in the top Lib Dems list. In the case of James Graham, Total Politics appear to have listed him at 43 for his own blog and 29 for his contributions to the Social Liberal blog - precisely the situation that the blogs/bloggers split was meant to avoid. I'm not up to speed enough on the Conservative and Labour blog scenes to know if it is the same there, but I hope not.

I think that these blog lists are valuable. They are not just about ego stroking. They help to introduce people to writers and blogs they haven't seen before. But I also hope that Total Politics have a bit of a rethink about the structure for next year.

Incidentally, I'm at number 17 in the Lib Dem bloggers list and number 28 in the Lib Dems blogs roll of honour. Many thanks to everyone who voted for me.

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