Monday, 26 September 2011

Mike Clayton

I haven't been blogging for a few days because I'm on holiday, but I couldn't let the very sad news of the death of Mike Clayton pass without comment.

Mike was deputy leader of the Independent group and represented Wendron division on Cornwall Council - ironically just next door to where I am staying at the moment. He was previously a councillor on Kerrier.

Others knew him considerably better than I did, especially as his main interest was planning, a subject I don't really get involved with. However, he was the Chair of the Council's Electoral Review Panel and I was his Vice Chair for a while. Mike freely admitted that he did not bring a lot of knowledge of the subject to the table, but he had a forensic mind and a determination to understand exactly what was being discussed - sometimes a quality missing among councillors. We worked closely together on the new second home registration scheme.

Mike let it be known to fellow councillors a month or two ago that he was not well. However he made a reappearance at the last full council meeting and seemed in better health than he had for some time. Unfortunately, that has proved to be a false dawn and he has now been taken from us. He will be much missed.

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