Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Launceston Community Shop to close

Launceston's Community Shop has been so successful that it has gone out of business - at least temporarily.

The shop was the brainchild of the local Rotary who wanted to raise money for local projects and good causes. They were kindly given the use of the old Moores Furnishing shop in Southgate Street which has been unoccupied for some time. Since they opened on August 1st, they have raised many thousands of pounds by selling donated goods.

The trouble is that they have proved that a shop in those premises is viable and a new commercial tenant has been found. That's good news for Launceston of course. But it also means that the Rotary shop is looking for new premises and, until they find them, they will not be trading.

Their last day is October 1st and all their stock is half price until then. They have asked that supporters don't bring any more donations until they know where they are re-opening.


Lanson Chamber said...

Shame they can't take the old JAG shop, that's been sat there empty for far too long.

Peter Casey said...

We have contacted the agent for the old JAG shop and are awaiting a reply. Fingers crossed!
Peter Casey - Rotary Community Shop