Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vince de-criminalises ipods

Vince Cable might not have an ipod himself, but he's doing more for digital music fans than any minister from Labour or the Conservatives before him.

Vince has admitted to Sky News that
“I’m still in the analogue era…”

but today he is making a speech in which he is announcing that a person who rips a CD or DVD that they own for their own personal use will no longer be breaking the law.

Until now, bizarrely, a person who buys a CD and then copies the songs onto their computer and then onto their ipod, phone or other digital music device was breaking the law, even though they were only doing so in order to personally listen to the music that they themselves had bought.

"We need to bring copyright into line with people's expectations and update it for the modern digital world. This will free up innovative British businesses to develop new consumer technology and help boost economic growth," said Vince.
Typically, right wing blogger Guido Fawkes (someone you might think would applaud the move) chooses simply to quote Vince out of context.

*Yep, the headline is a tad OTT.

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