Monday, 8 August 2011

Two new residents parking schemes?

I'm working with residents in two areas of Launceston who want to see residents only parking schemes in their area.

People living on Western Terrace, part of Western Road, have parking in front of their homes, but it is limited to a maximum of a one hour stay and is mainly used by customers of the accountants and estate agents and by visitors to the centre of town (although you have to run there and back!) Residents of this area want to be able to park near their own home.

The other application is for a part of Kensey Hill near Hillpark Cottages. Parking in this area is unrestricted and is mainly taken during the day by people working in town who have been forced out of the car parks because of the huge increase in season ticket prices. Local residents coming home from work often find they have to park up to half a mile away - which is pretty bad if they are carrying shopping or have limited mobility.

In each case, if a residents only scheme is introduced, local people will be able to buy up to two permits per household as well as visitor tickets. Blue badge holders will also be able to park in the residents zone but other parking will be banned.

Schemes such as these are time consuming and costly to introduce, but they are sometimes the only way of helping residents to park within a reasonable distance of their homes. The two mentioned above will be considered by Cornwall Council officers before going out to a formal public consultation.

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Lanson Chamber said...

Speaking with my 'resident of the town centre' hat on (not my C of C hat), what about folk who live in the town itself?

We used to have a reasonable 'resident's parking scheme' in place called a season ticket for CC car parks, at £190 a year - not cheap but acceptable.

Since this doubled to over £400 a year it is no longer useable as a residents parking permit.
Given that a lot of town centre residents would not be using the car park during the majority of its charging hours and can't always guarantee to have their cars out by 9am or back in after 4pm.

This means that to use the car parks in town for resident parking one has to plan every day, day by day, and make sure a valid ticket is in the windscreen each and every day. With no overnight ticketing on the machines still, one would also have to go to the car park every morning at 9am if not taking the car out by that time.
Often this would mean changing ones plans and having to leave home early just to avoid having to buy a ticket, even at 50p these soon add up.

Is this daily charade cheaper than buying a £400 a year permit? Certainly.
Especially as I say you might only be parked in a car park for around 7 or 8 hours a week (charging times)

Is it almost impossible to plan and avoid penalty tickets? Yes - especially if going away from Friday evening till Sunday evening as you can't be there to put a valid ticket on the car on a Saturday. And there will always be times when you forget or can't get to the car by 9am for whatever reason.

So don't forget that people live in the town centre too, and the effective doubling of their parking charges since April is often overlooked by focusing on visitors and workers in the town.

Paul Loft