Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sorting the teething troubles on the new Ridgegrove play equipment

This evening I've been looking at the new play areas on the Ridgegrove Estate to see how the equipment is bedding in. The good news is that the kids still love it. The bad news is that there are a few teething troubles. I've written to the council to get them sorted.

The biggest problem appears to be the replacement turf that has been laid in strips where the old equipment was removed. This is very thin and hasn't 'taken' in large areas - particularly on the lower play area. One small area appears to be the result of people ripping the turf up, but in the main it's simply not been good enough turf. The photo on the left shows what I mean.

There are also a couple of minor problems with the equipment itself:

- a leg of the Eagles Nest isn't as secure as it could be,
- the top of the Witches Hat needs oiling,

and we still need a bin and dog bin.

The other concern that has been raised is over the boundary fence - in other words the original fence next to the hedge rather than the new yellow fence. This has sharp edges and isn't so 'child-friendly' and we're looking to see if we can get this altered.

I hope that we can get these fixed as soon as possible

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