Thursday, 25 August 2011

Reshuffle in Cornwall (part 94)

It appears that Cornwall Council's Leader, Alec Robertson, newly adorned with a beard after his summer holiday, is a bit confused.

He had been summoned to today's Communities scrutiny meeting to explain how the different services would be represented on the Cabinet following the reshuffle in May. (We had asked nicely for him to come to the previous meeting but he refused so we had to invoke the Council's summonsing power.)

I asked him to explain who was responsible for libraries, for culture and for leisure. He explained that for some services there was more than one person with direct responsibility. For example in libraries, Joan Symons is responsible for policy and Steve Double for service delivery. At which point Cllr Symons whispered loudly to him that this wasn't true and Cllr Double is responsible for the whole lot. After a short, one might suggest pained, silence the Leader suggested that he might write a note for the committee.

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