Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cornwall Council seeks translator into plain English

This morning I got the following Press Release from Cornwall Council:
Cornwall Council is chosen as one of most creative councils in the country

A groundbreaking proposal which will see public sector organisations in Cornwall working with communities to find new ways of tackling local problems has been shortlisted for the national Creative Councils programme.

The aim of the programme, which is being run by NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and the Local Government Group, is to support councils to develop new approaches to meet the challenges facing communities and local services over the next few years.

The Council’s application, which has been developed in partnership with the Cornwall School of Social Entrepreneurs, Volunteer Cornwall and CISCO IBSG, is one of just 17 out of 137 bids submitted by councils across the country shortlisted to go forward to the next stage of the process. The application builds on the community centred work of Dott Cornwall.

“As Eric Pickles recognised earlier this year we are a “can do” council which has never been afraid to do things differently” said Council Leader Alec Robertson.

“Our proposal involves working with communities to improve their local areas by making change happen. Rather than imposing solutions, we want to support local people to work with us to identify and then solve the problems they face. We will then work with them to develop the best ideas and create business plans around their proposed solutions”.

Does anyone have a clue what it actually means? It appears to say that Cornwall Council will try to solve local problems. If so, that's hardly innovative. Surely providing good quality local services and responding to local concerns is what councils are all about?


Jonesy said...

I inderstand this is for the worst performing councils the one's most at risk from failure.Will look at the CQC reports to confirm.Creative Councils is a fantastic new programme from NESTA and the Local Government Group, which helps local councils turn their radically innovative ideas into reality. Over the next two years they will work with a small group of pioneering councils to develop their ideas, put them into practice and share what they learn with others in the sector.

NESTA has chosen 17 councils to go through to the next stage of the programme. Over the next few months, they'll get practical help to challenge and develop their idea. The lucky councils are: Brighton & Hove City Council; Bristol City Council; Cambridgeshire County Council; City of York; City of Westminster; Cornwall Council; Derbyshire County Council; Essex County Council; London Borough of Havering; London Borough of Islington; Leicester City Council; Monmouthshire County Council; Reading Borough Council; Rossendale Borough Council; Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council; Stoke on Trent City Council; and Wigan Council. You can view these, and the other ideas that didn't quite make it at Simpl: the online social innovation marketplace.

These ideas are all about fixing the biggest long term problems facing communities and local services, and showing just how innovative local government can be. Creative Councils is also about sharing and learning from ideas to help the sector work in a radically new way. So take a look at the ideas on these pages, ‘heart’ the ones you like, and remember that even though some are getting support from NESTA, they all need your help to make their idea a reality, so get bidding! All local public services can benefit from the success of these innovations.

To find out more about the Creative Councils programme check out the NESTA website.
Smoke and mirrors and yet another excuse to keep the money in the system.

David said...

All political rhetoric is just bollocks!

Andrea Siodmok said...

Creative Councils is a national programme that supports local government innovation. It is fantastic news that Cornwall has been selected to join the final 17 out of 137 councils nationally.

NESTA's report 'Catching the Wave' published yesterday shows how hard it was for councils to get his accolade. This will mean two years of support and potentially extra funding for Cornwall at a time of national cuts.

Our submission builds on the work of Dott Cornwall over the last two years, specifically developing our 'Big Design Challenge' that has already engaged over 1,000 people in Cornwall tackling local issues from affordable housing to local energy production.

Anyone can submit an idea at our award winning website

In March this year three groups received investment from a dragon's den style panel of Business Angels and sponsors. This is a great project and we plan to build on the success to date and make it even better.

Check it out and why not submit something today...

Andrea Siodmok said...

If you are interested in what this is all about and want a bit more background (though cannot promise it is jargon free!) on the Creative Councils submission from Cornwall Council and partners see: