Monday, 22 August 2011

Cornwall Council doesn't need a £20k Olympic torch organiser

The Western Morning News has unearthed a move by Cornwall Council to employ someone to manage the Olympic Torch procession through Cornwall at a cost of £20,000.

This seems like completely unnecessary expenditure and is the wrong way of approaching the matter.

There is no doubt that the Olympic Torch coming to Cornwall is a good thing and we should try to make the most of it to showcase our appeal to visitors as well as to engage residents and businesses. What's more, because Cornwall is at the very start of the procession, we'll get far more attention than others later in the route.

What will be needed are people to organise events, people to work with the media and people to work with local communities on the route. That sounds to me like using the skills of lots of existing council employees, not a single new person (particularly not one on the comparatively lowly salary of £20k).

I trust that it won't end up with men on stilts

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