Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Brad-watch and the benefits of film production in Cornwall

Cornwall is officially on 'Brad-watch' at the moment as the Hollywood star is apparently due in Falmouth to film part of his new film World War Z.

He will be accompanied by his wife Angelina Jolie and their children (again according to press reports) and Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have had to set up a no-go zone around the ship being used for the filming.

All this is great for Cornwall's image and economy but raises the issue of whether there should be a dedicated team responsible for managing film production in Cornwall and encouraging more producers to use us for their locations.

I used to work in Southwark which had its own film unit. Their major role was to manage the constant stream of requests for filming related street closures, but they also promoted the borough as a venue and helped to ensure that the production went as smoothly as possible. Knowing what was going on also helped with publicity.

At the moment we don't even know if Mr Pitt is actually going to be setting foot in Cornwall. And even if he is, there is no guarantee that he or his producers would agree to any promotional activity. For a star as big as he is, the mere rumour is enough. But for the many productions which take place in Cornwall every year that do not star Hollywood royalty, a bit more concerted promotion could work to the benefit of the film and for Cornwall as a destination.

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