Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mike Hancock vs Norman Baker (in the mind of the Guardian)

The Guardian have come up with a bit of speculative genius in the form of this article.

Yep - it's true that there is a lot of unhappiness among Lib Dems over the proposal to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600, particularly after the way that the Tories behaved in the AV referendum campaign.

But some of the suppositions are simply bonkers.

How does Patrick Wintour imagine:

"In the south east, Lib Dems Mike Hancock and Norman Baker might be fighting for a single seat in the Portsmouth/Lewes area."

For those who do not know the area, there is some pretty huge acreage between Portsmouth and Lewes, not least the city of Brighton and Hove. Not even Governor Elbridge Gerry could make those two areas into a single constituency.

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hypnoticmonkey said...

Things is very revealing. The Tories don't really see a constituency as a community that you represent, they see it as a seat.

This shows that they think that if one of them is to have their seat abolished, they will simply have to look for another safe seat to take.

Doesn't take into account at all for our devolved selection process or even our respect for the electorates.