Monday, 18 July 2011

Launceston One Stop Shop move confirmed

Cornwall Council has formally confirmed their plan to move Launceston's One Stop Shop to the library as a money saving measure.

I think that, if the circumstances, this is a fair decision to make. There are plenty of cuts being made and, whilst the Conservative led administration are axing front line services in some cases, this move ensure that both One Stop Shop and library services remain intact.

My only concern at the move, and one which I have raised with officers ever since the proposal was first suggested, is about access to the library building. Whereas the old One Stop Shop location was a level walk from the town centre, our library is up a steep slope which can prevent some people with limited mobility getting to it. It does have car parking, but this can become very full very quickly and not everyone has access to a car.

I've asked the Council what measures they are taking to make it easier for people to get to the library but have so far not had a reply.

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