Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Launceston car park rip-off continues

Cornwall Council's parking machines in Launceston are continuing to rip-off drivers three weeks after I was promised that the practice would be put to a stop immediately.

When the parking hours were changed on May 9th, the ticket machines should have been altered to reflect the new times. However some were not and so drivers can find themselves paying for time which is supposed to be free. When combined with the very poor signage advertising the change in hours, drivers are finding that they have been ripped off by the council many times over.

I reported this mistake to the Council and had a meeting with a senior parking officer on July 6th at which he assured me that the machines would be corrected immediately.

Yet this afternoon Cornwall Council's rip off ticket machines are continuing to charge for periods when parking is free and failing to issue tickets which allow drivers to park into the following day. The ticket I bought in a test purchase is shown in the photo on the left.

I've written to the Council's Cabinet Member for parking, Graeme Hicks, asking him why this fault has still not been corrected and asking him to issue a formal apology to drivers in Launceston who have been ripped off in this way.

It seems that Cornwall Council's parking service will stop at nothing, both fair means and foul, to get money out of drivers.

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