Tuesday, 26 July 2011

'Devonwall' public meeting date set

The date for a public hearing into the proposed new parliamentary boundaries has been set. It will take place in Truro at the Alverton Manor Hotel from 10th - 11th November and will be one of four public hearings taking place in the South West region.

The new draft boundaries will be announced in mid September and there will then be a period of public consultation with the public hearings forming part of this. It is expected that at least one 'Devonwall' seat will be proposed.

The public hearings will no doubt see a lot of anger over the Devonwall proposal, but I suspect that the Boundary Commission will not be able to do anything about it due to the new rules (mistaken in my view) setting strict upper and lower limits for seats.

However, the prospect of a Devonwall seat is not a foregone conclusion. The new boundaries can only come into effect following a vote of MPs and the anger over the proposals for change (on a wide range of issues, not just Devonwall) is significant. It may well be that the next general election is fought on the same boundaries as the last.

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