Friday, 22 July 2011

'Continental' market in Launceston faces shut down - UPDATED

The 'continental' market in Launceston town square is causing more than a few problems and action is being taken at the moment with a view to shutting them down.

The market was booked in for four days but I and my fellow councillor Sasha Gillard-Loft have had a very large number of complaints after just the first day of operation.

The market brands itself a continental market and sells baclava, sweets, paella and jewellery. Yesterday there were no prices on show and many people complained at being ripped off. I was told of people who were charged £18 for a small amount of turkish delight and others who were charged more than £20 for baclava. Today the prices are being displayed and baclava is priced at £24 per kilo.

I've also been told that much of the produce is not continental in origin at all but available from local cash and carries.

Perhaps the most serious complaint is about health and safety. The produce is left uncovered and with no 'sneeze guards'. I was also sent photos showing the produce was left uncovered overnight and therefore at the mercy of rats, mice and other vermin.

Yesterday I called Cornwall Council's Environmental Health and Trading Standards teams to ask them to take a look at the market. I wasn't the first to get in touch with them. This morning the man from environmental health was in deep discussions with the traders with a view to shutting them down.

I continue to support the idea of using our town square as much as possible, including for travelling markets. This particular group is not welcome back however.

UPDATE - The market has now been shut down

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Foss said...

Such a shame. It's a great idea and a decent boost for the town. Here's hoping these problems are restricted to this one group!