Monday, 4 July 2011

Barefoot Games party at Eden

The finale party for the Barefoot Games volunteers was held on Saturday night at the Eden Project.

Barefoot Games was an Eden Project run by Launceston locals Jeni and Beth Lewitt and Ben Robbins. It sought to use the talents of local young volunteers to improve the local area and to give these volunteers new skills.

Among the projects in Launceston were the art auction in aid of Shelterbox, the gardening at the Orchard Centre, the Pisky Piran event, street art amongst many other events. Groups around Cornwall had their own projects and events and all came together for a party on Saturday. Also invited were people (like me) who had helped the volunteers in one way or another.

During the evening there were a number of films shown including this one by local animator Paschal Dooley. Many thanks to him for letting me reproduce it here.

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