Thursday, 28 July 2011

An apology on behalf of Cllr Graeme Hicks

Yesterday I blogged about the rip-off ticket machines in Launceston car parks which are still charging drivers even when parking is free. I mentioned that I had written to Cabinet Member Graeme 'The Albatross' Hicks for an explanation and apology.

Regrettably, Cllr Hicks has refused to provide either and has now set his email account to indicate that he is on holiday for the next month. His motto appears to be 'Never Apologise, Never Explain'.

He did, however, invite me to apologise on behalf of the authority, so here goes:

I am sorry that Cornwall Council has failed to ensure that it's ticket machines are working properly.
I am sorry that Cornwall Council has failed to take the needs of local shops and residents into account when setting parking charges.
I am sorry that Cornwall Council has more than doubled season ticket prices for our town putting jobs and businesses at risk.
I am sorry that the Cabinet member responsible isn't responsible enough to admit when his service is below par and apologise himself.


Madder do ee said...

I saw Graham Hicks on Spotlight the other day. I was not impressed.

Edwina Hannaford said...

I am also sorry on behalf of Cornwall Council that elderly residents of Polperro had the use of their concessionary bus passes removed from the village tram service without any notice or consultation.
Edwina Hannaford

Lanson Chamber said...

Perhaps an apology to our visitors who now find that unless they are wiley enough to track down the upper reaches of Race Hill car park they have just 3 hours in which to visit our fine town and all it has to offer.
Not from you Alex, from Mr Hicks

(How appropriate, the 'captcha' word I have to type to prove I am human is "Damets". Indeed.