Saturday, 11 June 2011

A sad end to a great Royal Cornwall Day - UPDATED

I went to the Royal Cornwall today (on a Saturday for the first time in ages) and had a great day - particularly because the weather was so good. But the day didn't end well for a number of reasons.

Most tragically, there was a crash in the members' car park and, although there are differing reports, I am told there was a fatality. (See Update below - we now know there was not fatality) We heard, rather than saw, what happened and I ran to the scene to find passers-by helping an older driver to get out of his car. He appeared to have crashed into an unoccupied vehicle and he said he was ok. I did my bit to help and by the time I had clambered through the car to switch the engine off, the emergency services were on the scene so we left them to it.

However, there are reports that there was another (or an earlier part to this) accident and this may have involved a fatality. Certainly the air ambulance was brought to the scene. I know no more but obviously hope that the early reports prove not to be true.

I have no idea whether it is a related factor, but another downer at the end of the day was the chaos that drivers experienced trying to get out. We took more than an hour to get out of the members' car park field and the car park stewards on duty appeared to have little idea of how to manage the getaway. Such a delay leads to massively raised tensions and lots of road rage which could be very dangerous in a field where pedestrians are threading their way through cars which are all trying to prevent another from breaking into a queue. This is clearly something that show organisers need to address or there will be questions as to whether capacity needs to be limited.

And finally in the bad news section, the nazi earrings are back. Two years ago I found a stand selling earrings with nazi insignia for a quid a pair. I wrote to the show organisers asking whether they felt these were suitable for the show and got no reply and now the seller is back.

On the plus side....

Lots of people

Some great food and drink

Lots of fun in the main ring including the awesome Bolddog Ling motorcycle stunt riders and some rather anarchic camel polo.

Bumping into lots of friends and a few colleagues.

UPDATE - It appears that there was only the one crash and that there was, fortunately, no fatality. For a full description from an eye witness, click here and read the comment by clarkey123456 (currently the third from the top). It appears this car had crashed into at least four others as well as a pedestrian before coming to a halt.


Anonymous said...

hello this is Clarkey123456 my name is Josh Clarke I would like to thank you for referring to my comment I have decided to repost my account here to benefit your readers

" I was in the crash at the show ground. I was a passenger in the first car hit. we had been waiting for over half an hour stationary. "boom". a silver car plastered in air ambulance stickers smacked us to the rear corner of us and continued to hit cars along the row. also hitting a man into a black jeep smashing the window with his head after a long trail of car hitting the car was stopped by a parked car at the end of the row. (7 CARS INVOLVED) we all got out. very quickly came the emergency services from the show ground with St.Johns ambulance they went and seen to the guy driving the air ambulance car first not noticing the man on the floor in between 2 cars having been hit by the car. my auntie had to shout the paramedics over. they cleared up the area very quickly. then had the man between the cars airlifted out and took my family to the on site injury unit to be checked the driver of the silver car was wondering around while the police worked out what happened. Thank you to the st.johns ambulance people who were very kind and looked after all the affected people very well. while waiting in the unit we over heard people telling the wrong story which was very irritating. The police never asked us what happened. 2 hours later we were told we can go back to our car where the police still had the area taped off. They then checked our car and allowed us to leave. all that time and they still didn't want to know our story as we did have the best view. Just after the accident we moved our car to the side and the police believed the car was already there.

while in the unit we listened to the doctor say the man driving the car had sky high blood pressure and that he was reading as a man who just had or was about to have a heart attack. (NO FRUSTRATION INVOLVED) he was unwell and it appears driving an automatic his foot pushed full on the throttle instead of the break.

We were told before leaving the man who was airlifted did not suffer major injuries and is on the way to recovery.

The field we were in was not moving at all but the opposite field was flowing three car lanes at a time and we hadn't moved in over 30 mins.

Its all very well directing us in, but really they should do it on the way out too." I would also like to add that the police are appealing for witnesses without asking members of the scene

thankyou - if you have any questions contact me at

Anne said...

I asked 5 random people and they all were the same as me and drove past the showground twice, back and fore, as the notices for entry were so inadequate. This was unsafe. The CP on the other side of the road had an exit away from the crossing which opened straight onto the main road and was totally unmanned. Also unsafe. I am surprised the accident happened where it did.