Monday, 27 June 2011

One in five Cornwall children living in poverty

Cornwall Council has released new data which shows that around one in five children in Cornwall is living in poverty with a range from 2% in the wealthiest areas to 58% in parts of Camborne.

Full marks to Chris Ridgers - now a member of the Cabinet, but formerly chair of the Children's Scrutiny Committee which commissioned the report. He is quoted by the BBC saying:

"We found it wasn't just the poverty that was the issue. It had knock-on implications for health, there was a strong correlation between the rate of teenage pregnancy and deprivation, educational achievement. There was a link to quality of housing, a link to job opportunities, even how long people would live was linked into poverty."

According to the report, Launceston is not one of the worst affected areas, but there are still estimated to be around 315 children living in poverty in our town with the highest concentration in the North East of the town around the Ridgegrove and Lanstephan estates. That equates to about 19.3% of the child population making Launceston about average for Cornwall.

However, that can't disguise the impact of living in poverty on individual children and on families. I'm very glad that Chris is looking to push the subject up the Council's agenda and look forward to seeing what Cornwall will be doing for children living in poverty.

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