Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Football fan swears shocker!

WARNING: This post contains references to swear words and links to the Daily Mail. If you are likely to be offended by either, please do not read on.

My friend Dave Boyle is being attacked for some of the tweets he wrote in the aftermath of AFC Wimbledon's promotion to the football league. Dave is the boss of the fan ownership organisation Supporters Direct and was a huge help in the establishment of AFC Wimbledon, the club of which I am a huge fan.

Leading the charge is Charles Sale of the Daily Mail. Mr Sale describes Dave as a 'football chief' on the basis that the grander someone sounds, the higher standard the Mail feels they should be held to. But let's be clear, as valuable as Supporters Direct is, it's not on a par with the FA.

The tweets in question were sent in the few hours after AFC beat Luton Town on penalties in the play off final at Eastlands. AFC had risen from the Combined Counties League and won five promotions in nine years. For every fan of the club, this was a huge achievement and every supporter I talked to afterwards was speaking through tears of joy.

Mr Sale quotes one 'insulting remark':

'The bible can **** off. This is the greatest story ever told.'

Dave also lambasted those who franchised the original Wimbledon to Milton Keynes including the club owners and the FA chiefs who allowed the move.

Ok - so the tweets might not be in the best possible taste. But they came from a football fan who had just seen the club he helped to establish win promotion. Football fan swears shocker.

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