Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Council's NHS consultation response fair and reasonable - shocker

I know I criticise Cornwall Council a lot, but it's time to hand out some praise. Last week, a rushed and far too short consultation with members was held to discuss the Council's response to the Neath and Care Bill which seeks fundamental reform of the NHS. I think many councillors who were there feared that the formal response would end up being a whitewash and failing to reflect the deep concern that many of us (perhaps even most) at the proposed changes.

But the letter sent by the Leader fails to live down to my fears. In fact, the overall tone is quite negative about the Government's proposals. I would love to think that the Cornwall Council letter will make a key difference - I suspect it won't - but it is not for want of trying.

NHS Listening Exercise 31.05.11-1

So congrats to Alec on this one and here's hoping the Government listens.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sceptically surprised by the honesty of this letter - but as it's a public document I'm sure he knew what flak he'd get if he didn't actually report the views of the councillors.

Didn't know about the unanimous vote of the Lib Dem group against the changes. It's nice to hear! Alex, perhaps the Cornwall branches of the Lib Dems could offer a vote of no confidence to Nick Clegg if he fails to stop the bill?

If the parliamentary party aren't whipped to vote no without significant changes to the bill it would be the end of the Liberal Democrats.