Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ben Aaronovitch - Rivers of London, Moon Over Soho

So your brother is a well known social democrat type political columnist. What do you do? Well obviously you write science fiction scripts for TV and radio and a couple of superb novels.

It's pretty difficult to characterise Ben Aaronovitch's books. On one hand they are about an apprentice wizard. But they are certainly not Harry Potter. They are also police procedurals. But they're not Rebus. And they're funny. But they're not Christopher Brookmyre. Combine all three and you come close to Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho.

The central character is newbie policeman Peter Grant. Son of a jazz playing West Indian immigrant and fearsome West African mother, Grant is second in command of a pretty specialised police department - so specialised that there are only two officers in it. They deal with magical goings on, ghosts, vampires and river gods. The tales are extremely funny and have the full range of comic mayhem of Brookmyre or Carl Hiaasen.

Aaronovitch apparently has a three book deal and the first two have come out in pretty short order. I suspect I'll be annoyed at the length of time it takes for the third, but it'll be well worth the wait.

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