Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The value of a BT 'promise'

In years to come, I shall tell my (as yet non-existent) kids that the moment my broadband speed became truly terrible was the moment that I received a letter from BT telling me that they were 'up-grading' my service and promising much faster speeds.

To those living in areas that can only dream of anything above 2 minute page loads, I apologise. But before the 'up-grade' I was getting between 5 and 8 meg download. Now I'm lucky to get 1meg and suddenly watching BBC IPlayer is an exercise in staccato speech.

Am now totally unconvinced by anything BT say and serious disputing whether 'superfast' next generation broadband isn't actually going to take us back to dial-up speeds.

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Foss said...

If you're trying to view iPlayer after 5pm, BT will be restricting your connection. Ironically, they do this throttling to give "regular users" a bigger slice of the bandwidth, and prevent bittorrent and video watchers from taking it all.

I don't think they realise "regular users" are now the ones watching iPlayer and downloading podcasts!