Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A successful business?

If an organisation claimed to be able to help you expand your business and attract new firms to the area, what would you think if its turnover had shrunk in the past year and it was actually making a loss?

Meet Cornwall Development Company, the wholly owned business arm of Cornwall Council.

The business plan of CDC was in front of the Council's Cabinet for approval today, along with a range of the (very highly paid) chief officers of CDC. Strangely, for a business organisation, the plan only covers a single year. The Cabinet said that CDC is free to plan as it wishes, yet CDC staff said that they had not been asked for a longer term plan.

The CDC plan makes only minimal reference to the voluntary and social enterprise section of the economy (one of Cornwall's strengths) and one Cabinet member - Armand Toms - was scathing about its lack of work in the East of Cornwall.

At the end of the discussion, both Cabinet members who represent the East - Armand and Neil Burden - refused to back the report and abstained in the vote.

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