Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rip-off Cornwall - Drivers being fleeced thanks to poor signage

Cornwall Council has found yet another way to rip off motorists. New parking charges have come into force and many drivers are paying when they don't have to thanks to poor signage.

As I have blogged ad nauseum in the past, parking charges for all except the first hour have risen and season tickets have more than doubled in price. The only two little bits of good news are that the first hour charge in Launceston and many other smaller towns has fallen from 70p to 50p and the hours of charging have been cut by one so that parking is free after 4pm.

The trouble is that most motorists don't know that they can park for free after 4pm. The signs have been altered, but in such tiny print that nobody notices. Have a look at the picture on the left. It hardly stands out.

Today I pulled into the Tower Street car park at just after four and saw a queue of people putting money into the machine to pay. Each of them got their ticket before I could get out of the car to tell them that they did not need to.

And so I have asked the Council to take urgent action and put new signs on each of the car parks to tell people that they do not need to pay after 4pm. I don't want to see yet more tiny print. Let's make a virtue of the free parking. How's about something like my mock-up on the right?

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davidjonesinchina said...

I am very glad that someone has taken the time to point out the poor signage with regard to parking in Cornwall, it would seem that many areas have signage designed to either gain as much revenue from parking or to lull motorists into a false sense of security thinking they can park when in fact there are restrictions, resulting in penalties, if this is deliberate, then it is in direct contravention to the statement of Cornwall Councilon on there website. Well done !