Saturday, 28 May 2011


So the Daily Telegraph figures are not completely accurate. Phew. I'm so glad that Cornwall Council probably didn't spend £650,000 on two nights in a Bangkok hotel.

According to a statement put out by the Council Leader, some of the overseas figures are in local currency and not sterling.

But key questions remain. How many of the figures are inaccurate? Presumably the explanation only applies to overseas transactions. Are the rest kosher?

And why did the Telegraph publish incorrect figures in the first place? They only used what they were given by Cornwall Council in response to an FoI request so were the Cornwall figures wrong or did the Telegraph assume everything was in sterling when it was actually given in other currency?

For all that this appears to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for some of the most outrageous examples of apparent spending, it still seems to be the case that Cornwall Council bosses spent more than £1,000 on pure silk ties as well as money on fish tanks, expensive hotels and meals in the UK. For those, there is still no answer and it is these that may prove to be Alec Robertson's duck house moment.

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malcolm_heard said...

Why would the Council still hold the informamtion in the local currency when the accounting systems at County Hall must be in sterling ?
Doesn't the credit card statement arrive in sterling (just like mine) ?
But at time when the Council can plan to sack so many, it really is a desperate state of affairs.
If such people can make decisions like this then how can they possibly make decisions on "normal" expenditure ?