Monday, 9 May 2011

New Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet chosen

Cornwall Council’s Liberal Democrats have unveiled our new Shadow Cabinet and Leadership team at our AGM in St Austell earlier today.

Following the recent retirement of Doris Ansari as Group Leader at Cornwall Council, Jeremy Rowe has been elected to replace her and I have been chosen as the new Deputy Leader. We have also unveiled our new Shadow Cabinet team who will be calling the struggling Conservative/Independent coalition at County Hall to account after a series of recent blunders.

Welcoming two new members to the Shadow Cabinet Jeremy Rowe said: “In Nathan Bale and Geoff Brown we have two Councillors who are well known for their hard work in their communities. They will bring valuable expertise to the areas of Health and Housing - two of the most serious issues facing Cornwall today. The Tory-led administration in Truro are clearly failing and it falls to us to make sure that they are properly scrutinised and called to account.”

I believe there is a leadership vacuum at County Hall as the people who are meant to be running the Council are too busy fighting amongst themselves instead of doing the job the Cornish people expect them to do. Our Shadow team is made up of a talented group of committed individuals who have already started working hard to make sure the voices of the people outside the concrete walls of County Hall are heard.

The selection of the new Lib Dem leadership team is in stark contrast to the recent bungled attempt by the Conservative Council group to dislodge their own leader. Alec Robertson only narrowly won a confidence vote and now faces the prospect of limping on for the next two years without the support of around half of his own backbenchers.

Jeremy Rowe said: “It is more important than ever that we challenge the Council’s Cabinet. They have become more and more remote as the months have rolled on and it falls to us to provide the constructive critical input that they have lacked from their own benches.”

The new Shadow Cabinet is:

Jeremy Rowe - Leader
Alex Folkes - Deputy Leader and Libraries, Leisure and Culture portfolio
Ann Kerridge - Finance and Corporate Support portfolio
Graham Walker - Schools portfolio
Tamsin Williams - Children portfolio
Bob Austin - Highways and Transportation portfolio
Edwina Hannaford - Economy and Regeneration portfolio
Geoff Brown - Housing and Planning portfolio
Nathan Bale - Health and Adult Care portfolio
Roy Taylor - Waste and Environment portfolio
Adam Paynter - Community Safety portfolio


Badham Farm said...

How about naming your shadow cabinet & what roles they have ??

Alex Folkes said...

Apologies Badham Farm. Afraid I cut and pasted from a Word doc and didn't get all that I mean to.

Badham Farm said...

Thanks Alex. Job done & not dreckly :-)

Anonymous said...

This is one epic cabinet.

Unleashing Nathan to terrorise the tories- after all the fun and games with Bude Sea Pool- great idea one. (not forgetting his great connection with Dan Rogerson)

Retaining the brilliant Ann Kerridge- great idea two.