Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Lib Dem Leadership team for Cornwall announced

Following the decision by Doris Ansari to step down as the Liberal Democrat Leader on Cornwall Council, my colleague Jeremy Rowe has been unanimously backed to be the new group leader. Jeremy was formerly the Deputy Leader and I also received unanimous support to take over that role.

Jeremy said:

"At a time when the Conservatives are fracturing at every turn and seeking to depose their leader, it is in marked contrast that the Liberal Democrats are united in our desire to campaign for a more open and fairer deal for the residents of Cornwall."

"Doris Ansari did a great job in establishing the Lib Dems at County Hall and exposing the failures and flaws in the current administration. Under my leadership, the Lib Dems will be building an inclusive Cornwall, bringing together the best of business, the voluntary sector and community groups. Local people have seen what a Tory administration means with service cuts and a refusal to listen and they want different. The Liberal Democrats will be presenting this in the run up to the council elections in two years' time."

For myself, I believe Cornwall's Liberal Democrats have stood up for local communities who have seen their services cut by the Conservatives. We have built campaigns with local groups to save local libraries and bus routes and against unfair parking charges. In contrast, the Conservatives seem happy to spend all their time fighting amongst themselves and employing consultants on fantasy schemes.

Cornwall's Tory leader is so unpopular that he only held onto his job by a few votes. The Conservative Group is split down the middle and seems set to concentrate on internal rifts rather than doing the best for the people of Cornwall.

The remainder of the new Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet will be announced following the group AGM on Monday afternoon.

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