Friday, 20 May 2011

Barefoot Games volunteers to bring street art to neglected spots

Launceston Town Council has agreed to allow young people who are part of the Barefoot Games project to produce some street art on a couple of neglected spots in the town.

The Barefoot Games volunteers have been brought together by Ben Robbins who works for the Eden Project and have already held a number of events in the town including the hugely successful Pisky Piran event at the Town Hall on St Piran's Day, a garden tidy up at the Orchard Youth Centre and the art auction which raised more than £4000 for ShelterBox.

The group came to tonight's Town Council meeting with the proposal to decorate the bus shelter in Westgate Street and part of the coach park on the other side of the road.

I know that the group have their eye on a couple of other sites which are not in the Town Council's ownership and they will be approaching those owners to ask them for permission to decorate those areas too.

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David said...

I heartily commend this. We need more.