Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another sleep out

Back in February, I was one of 80 people who slept out overnight at County Hall in protest at Cornwall Council's plans to cut the supporting people budget by 40%.

The concern about these cuts is still huge and the Council does not yet appear to have been able to resolve the issue of how to get the same high level of service for only three fifths of the cost. Vital services such as Launceston Foyer still hang in the balance.

And so another sleep out is being planned. This one is being organised by the Churches Homeless Unit and will take place outside Truro Cathedral. After the last one I said 'never again'. But this issue is still huge and vital services are still under threat and so I'm planning to go to this one too and will be joined by my colleague Derris Watson (front left of the photo above).

If you would like to join in, the sleep out is taking place at High Cross, Truro on the night of Sunday 29th May and people can arrive at anytime after 8pm. Even though the weather is a lot warmer than the -1 we had in February, please bring warm clothes and sleeping bags.

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