Thursday, 21 April 2011

White tie is not morning dress

Sorry if this sounds like I'm turning into Emily Post, but I wish the media would stop illustrating the story about David Cameron and his apparent vacillations over what to wear to the Royal Wedding with the wrong images.

The debate is whether the Prime minister should wear a lounge suit (a business suit in modern parlance) or morning dress. The trouble is that media outlets such as the BBC and Conservative Home as well as others are insisting on using pictures of white tie and tails to illustrate the morning suit option.

At the top of this post is what morning dress actually looks like (as modeled by various royals).

Below are pictures used by the BBC and by Conservative Home:

To my mind, white tie and tails looks a lot more 'posh than standard morning dress. Cameron has the option of dressing down slightly by wearing a morning suit - the same style of tail coat, but with the coat, waistcoat and trousers all in the same colour, usually grey. Of course, if he went the whole hog and turned up with Ascot Cravat, kid gloves, spats and cane then the photographers might have a field day.


Moderate Fundamentalist said...

I glad he made the right decision in the end - as did the other two party leaders.

Savage said...

A Morning coat should always be black, anything other is a deviation from form.

A Gentleman only ever wears black for morning wear or evening wear - a suit should never be black as this colour was reserved for the serving classes (hence why if you walk into Gieves and Hawkes and ask for a black suit they will say no!). The term ascot cravat is an americanism. A Cravat is informal evening wear worn with an open collar-definatley not these hideous jokes most people hire. A Tie should be worn with a morning coat, with either a striped or houndstooth trouser. A top hat should be carried not worn.

Today white tie is reserved for the most formal of evening events usually state banquets.

An Englishman should know such things.