Friday, 15 April 2011

Street signs for Kensey Valley Meadow

This morning I walked around Kensey Valley Meadow with the council officer responsible for addresses and street signs. This was in response to a complaint from the emergency services about how they often find it difficult to locate a precise address on the development.

The problem is that (with the exception of the small Kensey Court) every one of the 195 or so properties has the street address Kensey Valley Meadow. And although the numbering is consecutive for the most part, there are many times when it is not and it can be quite difficult to find a particular house if you are not familiar with the layout. For the emergency services, this can be a big problem and could lead to a delay in being able to provide life-saving support.

If such a development were being planned today, there would almost certainly be more than one street name used. But it is incredibly difficult to changes things retrospectively as this would mean all house deeds would have to be changed as would utility contracts, headed stationery and the like. It would mean quite a cost for householders and is not something that the Council is thinking of pursuing.

And so, in order to make things easier for visitors, the council is looking to get a number of new street signs put up to indicate which house numbers are where. I have asked that they present their plans at the consultation and play day on April 28th on the main green.

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