Tuesday, 12 April 2011

So what responsibility do councillors have as corporate parents? Cornwall Council can't tell me. UPDATED

UPDATE - My original posting was inaccurate in a couple of respects and I am happy to make changes as a result and apologise for what I got wrong. However, my key point still remains.

Back in October, Cornwall councillors were urged to attend training sessions which promised to tell us about our legal responsibilities as 'corporate parents'. The Council is a corporate parent because it is responsible for children's homes and looked after children.

I attended a session on October 5th and was amazed that it did not cover the key question as to what the legal responsibility of ordinary councillors is. The best they came up with was that "councillors have a legal duty to be interested" - which is complete rubbish.

So I asked the question of the Council's legal officers and waited.

Some six months later, and after numerous reminders, I still have not had a reply.

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