Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Radio Cornwall's AV debate - much heat, little light

This evening I was at County Hall for the recording of BBC Radio Cornwall's debate on the referendum to change the voting system. You will be able to hear the results in Laurence Reed's programme at Noon on Thursday, but for me there was lots of heat but very little light.

Of course, I'm biased in that I support the Yes camp. But for me some of the stand out or jaw dropping moments were:

- Former Labour MP Candy Atherton saying repeatedly that this was a 'miserable little referendum' and failing to recognise that her party had a pledge to hold just such a referendum in their manifesto.

- Current Conservative MP George Eustice claiming that those who back AV are 'nutters'. I hardly think it's becoming of an MP to dismiss political opponents in such terms. Feel free to disagree with our beliefs and views, but let's not drag the debate quite so low.

- George Eustice (again) attempting to claim that the Conservative Party Leader is elected by Firs-Past-the-Post. They aren't - it's a system called the exhaustive ballot which is a very long version of AV.

- William Dartmouth getting exasperated about people referring to his hereditary title and then doing so himself numerous times.

- Candy Atherton's put down of Lord Dartmouth saying that she wouldn't take lessons in democracy from a hereditary peer.

I won't attempt a 'we won, you lost' claim because I don't think either side really won. It might sound a little different when I hear it on the radio the second time round, of course.

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