Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New LEP Chair will be half cost of Banham

The new Chair of the Cornwall Local Enterprise Partnership - Chris Pomfret - will cost less than half the amount paid to his short-lived predecessor Sir John Banham. Cornwall Council's Cabinet was today told that Mr Pomfret will receive compensation of £20,000 per year for undertaking the role. The cost of Sir John Banham's time for the six months or so that he was working on the project was more than £46,000.

Sir John "decided not to seek the full time role" after what appeared to outsiders to be a massive difference of views with the Council. He was appointed on the recommendation of Tory MP for Camborne George Eustice.

The Cabinet was also told that the identities of the Cornwall Council representatives on the board will not be finalised until the end of the month as they have to wait for the private sector positions to be filled.

At the moment it is not known whether there will be four, five or six private sector members and there will be an equal number of public sector appointees with the private sector chair having a casting vote if needed.

What is known is that Alec Robertson (Leader of the Council) and Carolyn Rule (Cabinet Member for the Economy) will take two seats with a rep from the Council of the Isles of Scilly and someone from the Combined Universities of Cornwall filling a further two.

I do recall that it was promised by the Leader that there would be cross party Cornwall Council representation on the Board. Two Conservatives have already been nominated and Cllr Mike Eathorne-Gibbons (another Tory) made an impassioned plea to be given a seat at today's meeting - or so it seemed to a number of observers. So is this a pledge that is about to be broken?

I once again raised the issue of someone from the voluntary (third) sector having a seat at the table and was told that this would hopefully be picked up from among the private sector representatives. I just hope that it will be a little more than someone who sits on a charity board alongside their business interests as I think it's vital that Cornwall's burgeoning charity and voluntary sector is properly represented.


John Banham said...

A Plan for Growth for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is now available from Nixon Design, Hayle. It was produced at no cost to the people of Cornwall and has been sent to relevant ministers in London.

Ian said...

You also need a seat for a Bank. An institution that can make funding available to business etc.