Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A little bit of Tory hypocrisy

The North Cornwall version of this morning's Cornish Guardian carries a photo and article on the front page with villagers in Blisland complaining about the axing of the Corlink bus service. Sadly, this type of story is not unusual at the moment as the Council cuts local services which are considered vital by local residents.

But one of the people in the photo is Cornwall Conservative Councillor Mick Martin who represents Blisland as part of the Lanivet ward. What's so unusual about that? Well the cuts to the Corlink service were specifically detailed in the emergency budget which Cornwall Council agreed back in December. Liberal Democrats voted against the budget and these front line service cuts. Cllr Mick Martin voted for the cuts.

I presume the residents who are pictured with him were not aware of his hypocrisy over this.

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