Thursday, 28 April 2011

A day with the residents of Kensey Valley Meadow

I've spent the day with the residents of Kensey Valley Meadow discussing a number of issues surrounding the formal adoption of their roads and drainage systems and also the possibility of putting a play area onto the estate.

As I've blogged countless times, residents have been very concerned about the apparent slow progress being made towards adoption and so I organised today's event to get some answers. I was delighted that a representative from Elan Homes, the developers, was there, as were council legal and highways officers, someone from South West Water and a council officer to discuss street names and numbering. Unfortunately, Cllr Graeme Hicks, the Cabinet Member for Highways who said he would be there did not appear.

I was very grateful to have the support and help of Mark and Rosemary, the Council's network team, and Anicka and her team from CN4C who brought in a bouncy castle, face painting and candy floss to draw the crowds.

The major resolution was a timetable for the adoption of different parts of the estate:

The upper (older) development is finished and ready to go to a shortened maintenance period before being formally adopted. Any remaining snags will be picked up in the next week, the maintenance period will then last three months and the formal adoption will be in early August.

Elan are still working on the newer (lower) development and expect to be finished in about three months. This will then need to go for a standard 12 month maintenance period before adoption and so we would expect everything to be done and dusted by August 2012.

The open spaces are to be adopted separately and we still don't have a timescale for this but everyone was confident this should not take any longer than for the lower development.

The drains and sewers would be adopted to the same timescale as the roads and South West Water have confirmed they are happy with the works being done on these.

One other bit of good news is that Elan have agreed to provide grit bins for the whole estate and I am working to make sure that the Town Council agree to re-fill and manage these.

There were numerous other issues raised which will require either the Council, Elan or the Police to take action and I'll be making sure that these happen. There will also be a full report on the play area consultation when this has been analysed.

Many thanks to everyone for coming along for what was a very successful day.

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