Thursday, 14 April 2011

Camelford offices - Police seek to get out of their lease

Devon and Cornwall Police have asked Cornwall Council if they can give up the lease they recently took out to allow them to share the Council's premises at Camelford. The move apparently comes in the wake of force budget cuts of around £50 million and was reported to councillors by the Council's Head of Property at a public meeting today.

The decision to share the Camelford offices with the Police caused a big row last year because it meant that planning and other meetings could no longer be held at the site. No other suitable venue could be found in North Cornwall and so all meetings for the East of Cornwall have since been held in Liskeard. The former North Cornwall - covering about a third of the total area of the Duchy - can host no meetings at all.

No alteration works have yet been done on the building and the Police have not moved in. Now it appears that they want to abandon the deal and have asked the Council for permission to surrender the lease.

So whilst the ideal of the Council and Police working more closely together in Camelford doesn't look as if it will be happening in the near future, there is hope for local councillors and residents that meetings could once again return to North Cornwall.

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