Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Web-casting will continue at Cornwall Council - and will grow!

As my colleague Jeremy Rowe blogs, there was almost unanimous support for the continuation of web-casting council meetings today and the facility will be in place until 2013 at least.

And the service will grow as meetings other the Full Council and Cabinet will enjoy the service up to a total of 120 hours per year. It is even possible that other organisations holding meetings in the 'wired' rooms at County Hall will be able to use the web-casting service if they are important and we have spare hours.

During my speech on the subject, I made the plea for the Council to take the next step and to move from broadcast to conversation mode. In other words, rather than simply making the web-cast available, we should be encouraging viewers to engage and to share their views on the subjects under discussion. The live coverage of big meetings by This is Cornwall shows that views and opinions can be published during the meeting - even if, at the moment, this is mainly from councillors themselves.

Of course, the webcast and interactivity associated with it is not the only way that people can comment on Cornwall Council business and we should remember that it is not an option for many people. But it is a huge step in the right direction and I'm glad the Council has voted to continue.

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