Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tory Cabinet member confirms No2AV are scaremongering

An interesting snippet from today's Cornwall Council full council meeting on the false arguments being put forward by the No2AV campaign.

My colleague Jeremy Rowe asked the Council to confirm the Electoral Commission's statement that the adoption of AV would not mean the need to use electronic voting machines. This was in response to the statements put out by the No campaign that costs of a Yes vote would be £250 million and include more than £120 million for e-voting machines.

Cllr Currie, the Conservative Cabinet Member for finance, ran through the history of voting pilots in the UK and confirmed that, when they ended in 2007, the decision was taken not to use e-voting again unless some very strict criteria were met and that the Commission had confirmed that this would not happen as a result of a Yes vote in the referendum.

This slaps down the scare-mongering tactics of the likes of Camborne and Redruth MP George Eustice who is a leading light of the No campaign and has frequently used the £250m figure.

Some of those who won't be too pleased to hear Cllr Currie's answer will be the three Tory councillors sporting No2AV badges in the chamber today - including Tory Leader Cllr Robertson.


CornwallNews said...

Cornwall Council Electoral Review Panel know the proposed AV v FPTP Referendum will, if it actually happens, would be a BOGUS REFERENDUM. But will Cornwall Council let on?

BOGUS AV v FPTP REFERENDUM NEWS : http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/grahamsmith/2011/02/second_home_voters_-_dont_hold.html

Will you be raising this very serious matter in today's Cornwall Council meeting, Councillor Folkes?

Or are you just playing at it?

Alex Folkes said...

With respect, the entirity of the Electoral Review Panel don't agree with me on the issue of second home voters.

The Panel has agreed to look more closely at the issue and hopefully will come up with a protocol sooner rather than later. At that time, the issue will be debated by the entire Cornwall Council.

The AV referendum is one set by Parliament and, regrettably, we can't postpone it until we have a register with second home voters expunged.

CornwallNews said...

Well, Councillor Folkes, as you know and has been confirmed by Kevin Lavery, Chief Election Returning Officer for Cornwall & Scilly, it is not possible for Chief Election Returning Officers across the UK to sign off ANY elections and referendums as true, free and fair due to their inability to properly scrutinise and multiple electoral registrant voters and identify and eliminate illegal multiple votes wherever they may occur. Until that is possible it is not possible to guarantee a One Person-One Vote referendum. Therefore, unless a massive con trick and BOGUS REFERENDUM is to be perpetrated upon the people of the UK, such a referendum should be postponed until proper electoral systems are in place. Do you agree?