Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tea by taxi

It's quite amazing just how many ways the Conservatives can find to waste taxpayers' money. Today's West Briton carries the story of 'Hot Water-gate'. A taxi was hired three times to transport tea and coffee between two council buildings in Truro.

Apparently this arose because the canteen facilities at Carrick House in the centre of Truro were out of action for a while and so the tea and coffee were sent by taxi from County Hall, just under a mile away.

It may not exactly be on the same scale as Labour Liverpool hiring taxis to run around the city delivering redundancy notices, but it's still an indication of just how far out of whack the Conservative priorities are.

The costs are, of course, nowhere near as bad as the £50,000 wasted on backing Plymouth Argyle's bid to host the World Cup.Or the £5,000 to send the Chief Exec to a conference in New York that appeared to have no benefit to the taxpayers of Cornwall. Or the £13 million being spent on renovating council offices when the job could be done for a lot less.

There are quite a few people who work in Carrick House and presumably they would all have been without tea and coffee making facilities for a while. Did no one think of chipping in and buying a cheap kettle?

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Stephen Richardson said...

Seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black! How much has the farce surrounding the Lib Dem attachment to an incinerator cost the council tax payer? It seems that ALL Westminster parties go round chasing each other's tails on this sort of issue and they are all as bad as each other.