Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Shelter's campaign to evict rogue landlords

The housing charity Shelter has launched a new campaign to protect private tenants from rogue landlords. I've signed up in support and I think it's a campaign which deserves to succeed.

The principle aim is to get an accreditation scheme for private landlords to help protect tenants from living in squalor and the unscrupulous practices of some renters.

I've been a private tenant for a long time. I hasten to add that my current landlord is very good! But in the past I've suffered twice.

On the first occasion, a landlady held on to £400 of deposit money. On the second it was even more serious as the landlord moved to the USA owing myself and my fellow tenants around £3000.

Of course, both of these situations should now not be possible because of the scheme which requires deposits to be held in a special bond account. But I know that there are still people who lose money when the landlord fails to do this.

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