Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Recycling cardboard in Cornwall

A constituent in Launceston has been in touch because of problems he has had with recycling cardboard. No recycling bags are provided for cardboard and most residents put theirs out in supermarket carrier bags. But what if, like this resident, you have re-usable shopping bags?

The official advice from the Council is that you can use any of the council-provided recycling bags - such as those provided for paper or cans, but cardboard has to be kept separate. If, for any reason, your recycling is not taken by the collectors they should leave an orange sticker on the bag to tell you why not.

In this case, the failure to take the cardboard was a mistake for which the Council has apologised. But residents who want to recycle their cardboard can do so using carrier bags, recycling bags or just by tying it up and leaving it out - although please try to avoid this option in wet weather.

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kelvin said...

yeah that was the good thing to change the the wonderful recycling .....thank you....