Monday, 7 March 2011

Lib Dem proposes giving everyone a share in the banks

Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams has proposed a plan to give shares in Lloyds and RBS to every adult in the UK. The banks are part owned by the taxpayer since the banking crisis. We own 83% of RBS and 41% of Lloyds.

The plan would see each of the 46 million adults on the UK allocated shares - equivalent to roughly £1000 each. The shares would not be able to be sold until they rose above the price paid by the government but any profits would be kept by the individual.

One benefit of the plan would be to give ordinary people an incentive to see the banks return to profitability.

Stephen said:

"There is a danger that when the banks return to the private sector, it is business as usual. There is a general feeling in this country that we need to get something positive in return for the bail-out. This plan would recoup the public's investment and allow the taxpayer to get the benefit from any increased value in the banks."

You can watch Stephen explaining his plan here:

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Richard Morris said...

As shareholders we'd also have the right to vote for or against the bonuses the banks paid. Hooray!!!