Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Launceston CCTV Partnership

This evening I went to the AGM of the Launceston CCTV Partnership. This is the group that have installed four cameras covering the centre of town and monitor them to look out for crime and anti-social behaviour.

The partnership (as the name implies) is based around the co-operation between the Town Council and the local police and the monitoring is done at the Police Station by a small but dedicated team of volunteers.

Also key to the set-up are the local chamber of commerce. Although Cornwall Council did not fund this system, the councillors are also invited to meetings.

It may have only been going for a short period of time in a low crime town, but the partnership has already shown its use by helping to positively resolve more than a dozen incidents.

It's great to see this scheme working and massive credit goes to former Neighbourhood Beat Manager Matt Kingdon for being the driving force and the volunteers who give up their time - including New Year's Eve - to do the watching.

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cctv installation said...

Sounds a great idea, I hope it cuts crime.