Monday, 7 March 2011

Cornwall Council splurges more cash on consultants and agency staff

Cornwall Council's spending on temporary staff and consultants has risen even further. This is Cornwall has revealed that the total in December and January was £6 million for just two months - equivalent to £70,000 per day for consultants and £27,500 per day for temporary staff - despite Council Leader Alec Robertson telling councillors a couple of months ago that the figure was £750,000 per month on non-contract staff.

Some spending on consultants and temp staff can be justified. There will be times when specific expertise will be needed but is not available within the Council workforce and it costs a relatively high daily rate to buy this in. We also need agency staff (temps) to cover for illness and other absences. But it does seem that Cornwall Council is making far too much use of very highly paid consultants. Devon County Council, for example, spent less than one sixth of the Cornwall amount over the same period.

Far from cutting the cost of agency staff and consultants as Cllr Robertson said when he gave out the £750,000 a month figure, it seems that Cornwall Council is actually splurging more money in this area. For the sake of Cornish taxpayers, it has got to stop.


Badham Farm said...

Once again Lavery & Robertson prove themselves to be a very incompetent & atb times dishonest double act. Look at the Banham fiasco when they tried to blame the Private sector for employing this out of touch pensioner but willingly agreed to pay him £2k per day. Seems money no object in Cornwall.

Graham said...

What proportion of this lucre is now directed through Comensura - which is owned by a parent company the Impellam Group, based in Luton. Until April of last year, more than 57% of Impellam was owned by Lord Ashcroft, the non-domiciled tax-dodger and one of the largest-ever individual donors to the Conservative Party.